The best way to describe the Harbor is to imagine a “Cheers without Beers” kind of establishment, where everybody knows your name. The people at the Harbor’s sober bar are welcoming and accepting and you’ll feel like family in no time. 

The Harbor is a safe place in our community for our community; a place to hang out without the influences of alcohol or drugs. The Harbor is a place where people can shoot pool, play games, sip coffee, and enjoy one another’s company. Not all who come are in recovery but all who come supports recovery and a safe drug & alcohol free environment.

Our Menu

Milkshakes: $4.50

Cappucinos $3.50

Moka Pot Lattes $3.50

Joe’s Teas $2.75

Bottled Sodas $2.75 (Root beer, Ginger beer, Birch Beer, Black Cherry, Shirley Temple, etc)