Harbor Status Update

Due to the virus outbreak, and social distancing recommendations by the governor and the CDC, The Harbor’s sober bar is closed for social hours.

This does not leave those in recover without options, though. There are all kinds of online meetings to utilize – see below for a list of some sites to use as resources for online meetings.

We also understand the need for a meeting and have declared them as “essential”. We remain open for meetings only. If you need to be there in person, we ask that no one come who is sick (whether it is due to corona or something else) or has been exposed. Please wash your hands once you come in, when you leave, and know that we are not serving coffee.

NA:Tuesday, Thursday at 8PM and Sat night at 10PM
AA: Young Peoples Tues at 6:30PM and Fridays at 10:37PM
AlAnon: Tuesdays at noon and Sat nights at 8PM.

Resources for online meetings: