Put Away The Masks

Halloween is over and the masks are tucked away in the top shelf of the coat closet along with the plastic pumpkin.   We have moved quickly into the Thanksgiving season and some have catapulted into the Christmas time. Yet, many of us have our masks still firmly in hand and hidden behind our backs ready for those moments that could be potentially be vulnerable; ready to speedily through up walls, fasten the mask, and go into character that pretends that “everything is gonna be alright” mode.  Ah, you know exactly what I mean.  What may be worse is when we blame the world for our sense of loneliness and curse them for not knowing or seeing our pain and treating us kindly for it. 

The worst part is the only thing They see is the results of our mistakes; not because we revealed them but because they would not all fit behind our mask. This leaves society with distorted view of a perfectly “fine” individual who makes some really dumb decisions.  The pieces or their perception does not fit into a logical picture and they are left to their own conclusions and we are left full of shame behind our masks and walls utterly defeated and resentful of the world.  

I had a good friend posted this meme the other day and when I told him that it wasn’t true that I can see him and his pain clearly, he responded, “I know that you do and people at the Harbor do, but…”  

This is a clear image of what The Harbor offers for all people- A place where masks are put away.  A place where tears and pains do not need to be hidden and where mistakes are understood and covered with grace.  So, tuck that mask away and come on in.